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What is Twin Cities Meals on Wheels?

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Twin Cities Meals on Wheels began at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in October 1973, serving a total of six clients.  In 1992 we relocated to 100 Ridge Road where we currently serve approximately 26,000 meals annually.


We are a nonprofit, volunteer-based service organization dedicated to providing nourishing food to residents whose mobility has diminished.


Our network of drivers, servers, community partners, volunteers, donors, and advocates are a formidable force against neglect and malnutrition.  We strive to eliminate hunger and isolation and to foster the independence of our local seniors.

We have the approval and acceptance of the Niagara County Health Department.


Our Mission


Twin Cities Meals on Wheels contributes to the overall well being of seniors by providing regular nutrition and daily contact with a caring volunteer.




Twin Cities Meals on Wheels receives no government meal subsidies. The fee that clients pay covers only part of the expenses of the meal cost. In the face of increasing costs, we must turn to contributions and fund-raising from our neighbors and friends to make up the difference and help us to expand our reach into the community to handle the growing need for assistance.



Board of Directors


James Burke

Vice President

          Karl Bauer


          Rick Henderson


Curt Gaume


Carol Butch

John Grobe

Robert Pecoraro

Gary Rockenbrock

Joyce Santiago

Denise Sawatzky

Barbara Tucker

Paul Gerlach (Emeritus)


Dedicated Staff



Pam Hill


Connie Rabideau

Assistant Cook

​Marv Hill



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